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What is Anti-Virus software?

Before you can answer that question you have to define what a virus is. Unfortunately, that is difficult. Therefore I will admit that this is an over simplified explanation of a computer virus. A computer virus is a program, designed to enter your computer's memory. It will affect the function of your memory (long or short term) or of the computer itself. A computer virus is always "man" or "Kid" made and may be malicious in intent. Sometimes a computer virus may be considered "opportunistic" in that it will give a knowledgeable hacker the ability to control your PC or firewall remotely, thus allowing the hacker to steal information.

Anti-Virus software is designed to stop Computer viruses from infecting your computer or network.

What does Anti-Virus Software do?

Anti-Virus software resides in memory on your PC or Firewall and monitors all of the data coming into your Network from an outside source. Anti-Virus software like Intrusion Detection has two basic modes. The software will either monitoring for known viruses, or look for anomalies that would indicate the presence of a virus. When either one of these conditions are met, the Anti-Virus software will "remove" the computer virus from your system, or if it's on a firewall, prevent it's access to the system.

How does the Anti-Virus software work?

As stated before, the Anti-Virus software has two basic modes. One is a database of known viruses, or their markings, these are referred to as signatures. Because a Computer virus is a program, and it must be very compact in size, removing (stopping) even a small part of the program will normally prevent the program from being able to run. Of course all signatures of the virus are stopped when possible.

The second task performed by Anti-Virus software is to actively watch for anomalous activity on your network. In this case, the anti-virus software is usually watching for one file trying to change another file. For example an attempt to rewrite or delete all or part of a file. Because almost every activity on a computer changes files, only a very "intelligent" (or a program with a large database of what are acceptable changes) Anti-Virus program is useful.

Who Needs Anti-Virus software?

Everyone. If your computer is being used, has Internet access, has floppy disks or CDs being loaded, then you are vulnerable to computer viruses.

Why buy your Anti-Virus software from Zebase

Two factor to consider:

  1. There are approximately 40 new computer viruses released daily. You need to have an Anti-Virus software that is updated as often as the viruses are released (discovered).


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