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What is monitoring?

Network Security Monitoring is the use special software that works in conjunction with your firewall and Intrusion Detection System to verify that your network connection is running without problems. Network Security Monitoring assures you that when your business or customers needs access to your Internet resources those resources will be available. If your Internet access should fail, for any reason, the monitoring company, Zebase, is your first line of defense in fixing or defending your network. Zebase will also notify your service provider of their access issues.

What does it do?

There are two types of monitoring available from Zebase Internal and External. Internal monitoring uses special software (IDS/IDP) to watch and react to problems on your network. For example, if an employee is snooping in the payroll database or a hacker is looking through your client list, the software notifies us of the violation and allows us to stop the infringement on your network.

External Monitoring uses special management software to watch your network's access to the Internet, your mail servers and any remote users. We also use the management software to react to viruses or other potential threat to your network such as a denial of service (DOS) attack. For example, if your network firewall is being scanned for an opening, we will be notified and shutdown any doors in your firewall that may have been left open.

Both services offer automatic software updates including updates to your anti-virus software subscription every two hours (or as needed).

Do you need it?

It's not possible for me to answer that question without more information. However, here are a few questions that might help you determine the answer for yourself:

  1. Are you (or your business) dependent on Internet access?

  2. Are you (or your business) dependent on e-mail?

  3. Do your customers use the Internet to contact you?

  4. Will you lose business if your competitors are connected to the Internet and you aren't?

  5. Have you ever been hit with a virus?

  6. Do you update your anti-virus subscription regularly?

  7. Have you ever been hacked?

  8. Do you know what to do while you are being hacked?

This is not a complete list, but if you whish to speak with one of our security architects, we will be happy to help.

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