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     Wireless LANs enable users to establish and maintain a wireless network connection throughout or between buildings, without the limitations of wires or cables.

     Zebase partners with Cisco and Rogers Wireless to provide a family of wireless LAN products that combine the mobility and flexibility users want from a wireless LAN product with the throughput and security users demand from a business LAN.

     We can help you design and implement a wireless local-area or wide-area networking solution that is standards-based and field proven.  Both in-building and building-to-building wireless local area network (WLAN) applications are possible.

     Wireless products deliver a complete solution to users who require the mobility, flexibility, and freedom of a WLAN to complement or replace a wired LAN.  ZeBase provides wireless products that can be seamlessly integrated into wired Ethernet networks, and they provide excellent investment protection through full compliance with a wireless standard.

     These products utilize direct sequence spread spectrum technology to deliver up to 11 Mbps throughput, and offer up to 128-bit wired equivalent privacy for data security that is comparable to traditional wired LANs.

     ZeBase also provides a complete line of client adapters, including PC Card, Personal Computer Interface (PCI), and Industry-Standard Architecture (ISA) cards for both notebook and desktop wireless connectivity.

    Cisco access points offer unprecedented management features, including a full-featured Web interface to simplify the navigation of the network, and a variety of antenna options to fit virtually any environment.

CISCO 340 Series

CISCO 350 Series

Linksys Instant Wireless Access Point 802.11a

D-Link Wireless Access Point 802.11a

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